Visiting Our School

Visiting Our School


                Directions to Bluffton Middle School       

From 278:  Take Buck Island Road OR Simmonsville Road and cross over Bluffton Parkway - Travel approximately 1/2 mile -

If coming from Buck Island Road, turn left onto New Mustang Drive. School will be on the right.  Please use the first parking lot to enter the front of the school.

If coming from Simmonsville Road,turn Right on New Mustang Drive. School is on the left.  Please use the second entrance to access the Main Office.

  Visiting our School

Student safety is very important at B.L.M.S.  Therefore, all visitors entering the building during school hours are required to bring a photo ID to sign in to LOBBY GUARD to secure a visitor’s pass from the main office (see below for information on Lobby Guard). The school remains locked for security reasons, so visitors will need to push the grey button located on the far right side of the building at the main entrance doors for admission into the building. Visitors are to use the main entrance to Bluffton Middle School at all times.  Parents are welcome to visit the school at anytime, but appointments may be necessary to meet with school personnel.  Law prohibits loitering on school campus, and the Bluffton Police Department will remove unauthorized visitors.

The purpose of the Lobby Guard System is to reasonably identify visitors to our schools so that they can be screened for sex offender status and be signed-in with a badge as a visitor to our schools.  This is done for the protection of the children in our schools, as well as for accountability purposes.

Lobby Guard is an easy to use system that consists of a kiosk with a touch screen, camera, and ID scanner.  A photo ID will be required to sign-in with Lobby Guard.  The integrated driver’s license scanner is located directly below the touch screen and supports the scanning of driver’s licenses from all 50 states and numerous foreign countries, US state-issued IDs, and US military IDs.  If a photo ID is not available, then the visitor must present two separate forms of ID before they can register as a visitor.  Acceptable forms would be:  car registration, utility bill, voter registration card, birth certificate, Passport, library card, or any other form of identification that is reviewed and accepted by the building administrator.

Once the ID has been scanned and cleared, a photo visitor badge will be issued to the visitor.  This is generally a stick-on type badge that must be worn and visible while in the school.

Checking out is easy too!  A visitor simply scans the bar code located on their visitor badge under the light on the kiosk and the visitor will automatically be signed out of the school.

The Lobby Guard System is a quick and easy way to issue visitor identification badges, screen for sex offenders, and help keep our schools safe and secure.