Gina Jacobs

I have the most awesome privilege of being one of the three guidance counselors at BLMS!  A job description for me could be summed up in one word-cheerleader.  Cheering for the students to do their best in their classes, assisting them with the challenges they face at home and at school, and helping them figure out relationships with each other is probably the biggest part of my job. 

I also get to cheer for the teachers.  Our teachers work tirelessly to make accommodations and teach each student to the best of their ability, and they need to be supported!  We work side by side as we make sure students are doing everything they can to be successful in school. 

Parents, also, need someone cheering for them! As a parent myself of two middle school students and a high-schooler,  I know the challenge of making sure everyone has their homework done, gets dinner, makes it to their practice, youth group, or whatever it is they can add on their schedule that night-just to make things a little more crazier than usual!

A day at school for me always involves talking with students, teachers, and parents-and cheering for someone is usually involved.   Each day has new challenges, but no matter what comes my way, I come to school to support those I work with.  In return for my work, I get smiles and success from those I have encouraged.  I love my job-this is my eleventh year-and I love the awesome people I get the privilege of working with every day!