Library Media Center

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Welcome to BLMS Library Media Center

Where a tradition of READING begins!!
We read to succeed!

Hours of Operation: 8:30-3:45

Over 16,000 books fill our shelves with endless possibilities to take your imagination and knowledge to greater heights! Use Destiny to access our virtual library to search our catalog.  You can access thousands of ebook titles by using SORA.  

Our LMC is staffed by an amazing group of people. Mrs. Gonzales, the school librarian, Mrs. Jones, the media assistant, and  Mrs. Peluso, the systems support specialist.

Library Policies and Procedures
Admittance: Our library media center operates on an open access and flexible schedule. Students need a library pass in order to visit the library.
Teachers send 1 or 2 students with a pass unless other arrangements have been made with the librarian and the teacher for project based research assignments. 

Student Expectations
Students are expected to enter the library quietly and to use the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser upon entering. 
Students are expected to speak appropriately and to help keep the library organized.
Books are returned in clearly labeled bins by day. Books remain in the bins for 48-72 hours before they are checked in and returned to the shelves.

Borrowing Policy
Students can check out up to two books at a time. 
Students must return all books within two weeks from the date it was borrowed.
Students can renew their books if needed for a longer period of time.
Students with overdue books will not be allowed to borrow any more books until the book is returned or exceptions are made with the librarian and classroom teacher for assignments.
Students will be charged for the replacement cost of their library  book if damaged or lost.
Students will not be able to check out another book until they pay for the lost or damaged book or make arrangements with the bookkeeper and the school librarian.

MakerSpace/BreakerSpace- Closed at this time.
Students can be sent with a pass at anytime to the library media center to use the Maker/BreakerSpace area. Students can visit for 30 minutes only once per day. Students can choose from various independent STEM activities which also involve using tools to disassemble broken electronics out of curiosity to see how it works or fix it if possible. 

Let the adventures begin!