ST 1.6

ST 1.6 - The interdisciplinary problem-based curriculum includes a focus on real-world applications.

Curriculum Mapping with Rubicon Atlas
Beaufort County School District uses Rubicon Atlas as our curriculum management tool. District-level essential maps outline units of study, including relevant SCCCR standards, “I can” statements, essential vocabulary, and common assessments. Teachers meet regularly with their PLC groups to discuss the implementation of these units, best practices for instruction, and to reflect on assessment data. We are in the process of reviewing our maps more carefully to look for cross-disciplinary connections.

Rubicon Atlas
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Core School Curriculum

In our core curriculum at the school level, we incorporate the models of the Literacy Design Collaborative and Mathematics Design Collaborative, which emphasize critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.  We are currently in year two of a three-year implementation process. We have partnered with the Southern Region Education Board for ongoing professional development and training.

LDC teachers, which include ELA, science, and social students teachers, create modules of study that focus on analysis of text and writing authentic products.  To date, BLMS teachers have created and implemented 41 modules across the content areas. As part of every module, teachers build in daily ‘mini-tasks’ where students work towards deeper levels of understanding rigorous reading material.  There is an emphasis on open-ended discussions, collaboration, and the writing process, including the formulation and revision of ideas.



The MDC framework uses specific tools and strategies allowing students to understand the whys and hows while developing mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills. The goal is to shift towards students taking ownership of their learning through productive struggle and collaboration. Teachers are to support students’ struggles using different types of questions based on their individual needs. The focus of the class becomes student centered as they learn to discuss and defend their mathematical thinking to justify learning.

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Explore and Discover

Our Explore and Discover courses offer many opportunities for STEM learning.  A primary component of our STEM curriculum is our Project the Lead the Way program.  With specific courses offered at each grade level, students have opportunities to take Medical Detectives, Design and Modeling, and/or Automation and Robotics.  Approximately 50 students at each grade level are enrolled in PLTW courses each year, and most of our students take at least one course while at Bluffton Middle. With a total of 12 sections offered per year, all students have the opportunity to take a PLTW course within their time at BLMS.


Computer Technology Courses
Students also have access to computer technology courses through our Explore and Discover program, including Google Basics and Digital Literacy.  In these courses, students earn a half credit towards high school graduation and learn the basics of using software effectively. All BLMS students take a computer technology course at some point in their middle school career.

Computer Courses

Media Art Coursework
Another Explore and Discover course that focuses on STEM learning is our Media Art class, which is offered at all three grade levels.  In this class, students learn skills that have real-world application as they critically analyze visual media and create projects using Adobe software. Students analyze advertisements in order to better understand how media impacts viewers and the messages that are conveyed.  They also learn to create their own artwork, giving them a taste of several industries, including marketing, graphic design, and website design.