ST 1.10

ST 1.10 - Community, post-secondary, and business/industry partners and/or families actively support and are engaged with teachers and students in the STEM program.

Bluffton Middle School’s strong community ties are an important part of STEM learning. Partnerships with local businesses, family members, and community stakeholders have a tremendous impact on the learning environment at BLMS.

Career Day
Bluffton Middle School 7th and 8th grade students participate in an annual Career Fair where community members come in to speak to students so they can learn about various career pathways.  This year, the fair was held on March 22, 2018, and 13 community members shared information about the day-to-day aspects of their jobs. They highlighted the skills needed in their profession, their education paths, and related jobs in their fields.  This year’s group of speakers included an engineer, an architect, a drone repair specialist, and a contractor from Gulf Stream to demonstrate local opportunities in STEM-related fields.

Career Day

Career Day

Arts Center of Coastal CarolinaArts Center of Coastal Carolina
The Art Center of Coastal Carolina received a contract with the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts to enable them to bring an art program to the special education students of Bluffton Middle School. The program is taught by a certified teacher with her Master’s in Art Education. 
Arts Center of Coastal Carolina
The students participate in a 12 session art program where they are able to be creative and experience unique opportunities that they would not otherwise encounter. The students’ artwork will be displayed in an online gallery along with work from special education students throughout the country. In May, the Arts Center will host an art show and reception inviting the artists and community members.

The Don Ryan Center of Innovation Don Ryan Center
The partnership with Beaufort County Schools and the Don Ryan Center for Innovation has incorporated an annual showcase of STEM focused activities at Tech Fest 2.0 supported by the Don Ryan Center. Bluffton Middle School students are excited that they will be participating in their first showcase this Spring where they will demonstrate and teach children how to operate VEX Robots to complete course challenges on April 21st. Part of the experience at Tech Fest 2.0 is collaborating to share ideas so BLMS teachers bring STEM activities/projects to demonstrate and share with other participants and the community.

The Don Ryan Center for Innovation (DRCI) was established in mid 2012 as a 501(c)(3). The corporation's mission was to function as a business incubator to grow Bluffton's and the surrounding regions economic base by helping innovative start-up or early stage companies. The organization incubated 29 companies and expanded into partnerships with Beaufort County Schools, USCB, TCL, SCAD and the City of Beaufort to promote and support innovation and entrepreneurship for the purposes of economic development.  

La Isla Magazine - Eric Esquivel
Bluffton Middle School has a rich Hispanic and Latino community and work hard to support them within the school. In an effort to do so, we have partnered with La Isla magazine. La Isla is dedicated to serving the diverse Latino community in Bluffton, South Carolina.  Eric Esquivel has been a positive voice for Bluffton Middle School helping to build relationships, communicate important and current information, and reinforcing the importance of education. Mr. Esquivel has attended several  ESOL nights, town hall meetings, and classroom events at Bluffton Middle.

La Isla
Click here to view the La Isla Magazine website. 

The Outside Foundation The Outside Foundation
Environmental issues are always at the forefront of our school community. Bluffton Middle has a long-standing partnership with The Outside Foundation, a non-profit organization that works directly with our seventh graders throughout their environment and ecology unit. "The Outside Foundation aims
  -To involve youth in outdoor experiences designed to raise awareness of and to educate about the importance of a healthy ecosystem 
  -To involve youth in programs that directly impact our local environment
  -To educate on the value of protecting and restoring the quality of these natural environments
  -To practice and promote responsible use of our natural resources
  -To emphasize recycling as a means of lessening our impact on the environment"