STEM Highlights

We have so many incredible experiences and opportunities that are ongoing and always developing! Here are some additional highlights and upcoming projects that will only continue to make Bluffton Middle School stand out as a STEM school.

Nike Ad
Students in our Media Arts course create Nike shoe designs based on an inspirational figure.  Students learned about elements of design including color theory and line placement.  Students then created an advertisement campaign for their original shoes. After designing their shoe, students wrote an explanation of how it was influenced by the inspirational figure.  Pictures of the designs, accompanied by their explanations, were sent to the Nike store in the Tanger Outlets. They were posted in Nike breakroom where employees enjoyed looking at them and reading how the students’ designs were influenced by famous people.

Disney Clinic

Bluffton Middle School band was offered a special opportunity to travel to Disney World for a 3-day visit on April 20 to help develop their musical ear. Students will work closely with a Disney clinician to practice sight reading music, creating a musical composition, and performing their composition for a video. This program allows students to participate in a unique learning experience which promotes the enduring skills of collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Click here to view the full workshop description.

Maritime Center Field Trip for STEM Cohort Teachers
Bluffton Middle School teachers who are member of the Beaufort County School District STEM Cohort will have the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Port Royal Sound Maritime Center for a day of STEM! They will get to collaborate with other teachers throughout the school district to complete a number of STEM activities and discuss integration in everyday.

Maritime Trip

Mustang Path
In 2011 the Mustang Path was built as part of an Eagle Scout project. The purpose of the Mustang Path is for students to be able to learn through hands-on exploration and discovery while enjoying the natural environment. Throughout the years students and teachers have utilized and enjoyed the path through their coursework. However in 2016 Hurricane Matthew caused a great deal of damage and destroyed the trail. A student, who has a particular interest in the path, has suggested that we take this on as a school wide project. So we are looking to create a committee of students and staff to problem solve, advocate to stakeholders and revitalize the path and include new interactive technology. We are looking forward to bringing this integral learning environment in our own backyard back to life!

Mustang Path

Sixth Grade Zoo Trip
Sixth grade students will soon be traveling to the Jacksonville Zoo as part of their Animal Adaptations unit. Prior to their travel, students will work in groups to complete a research project and gain prior knowledge for the trip.  In science, students will study animal classification and conduct research to gather information about an animal of their choice. They will also use Google Slides to collaborate digitally while creating a presentation, which will also include information about the history of the Jacksonville zoo and its exhibits. This trip also connects to an argument writing assignment students did in their ELA class, debating whether or not animals should be kept in zoos. This field experience will be the culminating activity of the interdisciplinary learning.

Click here to view the website students will use for their research project.

Boeing and the Dream Learners Program
In 2016 The Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce sponsored a group of Bluffton Middle School students to participate in a tour of the Boeing manufacturing facility in Charleston, S.C.,as part of the Dream Learners Program.The mission of the Dream Learners Program was to enhance student and teacher awareness of Boeing in S.C. through hands-on-learning, inspiring the next generation of Boeing South Carolina teammates. From the Tour Balcony overlooking the production floor students were introduced to the 787 Dreamliner and the aerodynamic production process. Students worked in random groups to complete the Paper Airplane Building activity. Each group member chose a team job, the group designed their plane creating a design plan to ensure their plane would fly the farthest distance. Both the program and activity aligned with grade-appropriate academic standards in Math and Science.