Research indicates that regular school attendance contributes significantly to student success. Each time a student is not present in the classroom there is learning loss and serious difficulties are created for both students and teachers. It is very important that parents and the school ensure that students are in class at all times. For all planned absences a written note of explanation is required in advance in order to determine the nature of the absence, report to teachers and allow students to plan for work they will miss.


For unscheduled absences (sickness, emergency) the student is to present a written note of explanation from parents (a doctor’s note is required for absences more than 2 days due to illness) to the office upon returning to school in order to receive an excused absence.

Attendance is taken by teachers using PowerSchool every period. Codes for attendance are:
 P=Present | T=Tardy | E=Excused | U=Unexcused | B=Bereaved | D=CollegeDay | F=LateBus | G=Illness | H=Homebound | J=ParentRelease | K=Religious | L=Legal | M=Medical | N=Nurse | O=OutSuspension | P=PrincipalApp | Q=Testing | R=NoTransport | S=Saturday | V=SchoolActivity | W=Weather | X=No Immun | Z=UNX Tardy . 

It is important to keep the school schedule and/or calendar in mind when making travel arrangements or appointments.

1) Excused Absences (Lawful - Full Credit) PowerSchool “E”
An excused absence from school or class is an absence for any of the following reasons:
1) Serious illness or injury
2) Serious illness, injury or death in the immediate family
3) Legal business
4) Observation of a religious holiday or religious family event
5) Special educational opportunities
6) School sponsored activities (Field Trips, Sports, Arts performance etc.). These are recorded as “S” (School Activity) in PowerSchool and are not recorded as an absence.)
For any absence to be lawful, a parent or doctor's note must be provided within three days of returning to school. Students may earn full credit in making up all work missed, submitting assignments which were due and writing tests missed providing they do so within one day after returning to school for each day of absence to a maximum of one week. (i.e. for an excused absence of two days, students will have 2 days grace. The 3rd day teachers will ask 
for the work to be made up.)
2) Unexcused Absence (Unlawful - No credit) PowerSchool “A”
Students who are unlawfully absent shall receive no credit grade for any assignment, project, test or quiz and shall be subject to disciplinary action. An unlawful absence is defined as a student's willful absence without the knowledge of the parent/guardian or an absence from school without good cause with the knowledge of the parent/guardian.

Attendance Points
Students are recorded in PowerSchool using an attendance points system. Each absence (all types) is recorded as 1 point, each tardy is recorded as 0.25. All students can track their attendance points in PowerSchool.
Attendance Points Summary



Att. Pts.
Missing up to 15 min. of class
0% on all work missed for this date
Excused Absence
100% for all work missed on this date
Work able to be made up at 100% if completed "one day for each day missed"
School Activity
100% for all work and counts as present
Clinic visit
100% for all work and counts as present
Late Arrival Procedures

Students who arrive late to any class are tardy. Students are expected to be tardy no more than three times in each class each semester. Any student more than 15 minutes late to class will be recorded as absent. Students and parents are expected to check PowerSchool often. However, teachers will make every effort to communicate with students and parents if late arrivals hinder student performance or a teacher's ability to conduct class. It is to be understood that being tardy more than three times in a semester is grounds for disciplinary action. The fourth and subsequent tardies may result in a student having to make up for lost time, (i.e. detention), or other consequences as outlined in the Referral Process under the Student Expectations section in the Student Agenda

Early Dismissal Procedures

Students may be permitted to leave early for emergency situations only. The administration reserves the right to determine if the dismissals will be excused or unexcused. Medical and dental appointments should not be made during school hours. Early dismissals will not be permitted for reasons other than emergencies and may be counted as unexcused absences. It is important to keep the school schedule and/or calendar in mind when making travel arrangements or appointments. The student must be signed out in the office before leaving the building. If a person is not listed as an emergency contact students will not be released to that person. An accepted photo ID is required to sign a student out of school.