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Social Studies

Sixth Grade - social studies topics of World Civilizations from prehistory to the present day to include Civilizations, Increased Global Interactions, Development of the Atlantic World, Global Exchanges & Revolutions, and Global Interdependence. Throughout the course, students will use historical thinking skills which will help them develop into global citizens with a global perspective.

Seventh Grade social studies topics of earth from a regional perspective to include the Physical and Human aspects of World Geography, focusing on individual regions through the themes of Places & Regions, Environment & Resources, Human Systems, and Applied Geography. Throughout the course, students will use the skills of geographers.

Eight Grade - social studies topics of the history of South Carolina and the role that the state and its people have played in the development of the United States as a nation. Students will learn about the State’s Development during Colonial times; the growth of the American Ideal, which led to the break with England; and the rising controversy about slavery, which led to the Civil War. The continued study of South Carolina from Reconstruction to the present, including the struggle for Social & Economic justice waged by the people of South Carolina, further allows students to see the progress that the state has made and also to visualize the future challenges yet to be met and overcome.

Social Studies provides students with an opportunity to become informed, productive citizens.

Social Studies requires students have an understanding of history, geography, economic responsibilities, participation in civic affairs, and the skills needed for personal decision-making.  Students will concentrate on a set of skills as outlined by the South Carolina Social Studies Standards.


students using Zspace to interactively learn about Ancient Rome