Art Club

Name of Club: BLMS Art Club

Sponsor Name: Ms. I Brooks & Ms. Lines

Art Club meets: Wednesday's 3:45 - 4:45 pm 


The BLMS Art Club offers a supportive and creative environment that allows students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the visual arts, express their creativity, and broaden their future career goals. Members of the BLMS Art Club, regardless of skill level, will get a chance to explore various mediums, materials, and art movements from around the world as well as participate in projects or events that benefit BLMS and the surrounding community.

The BLMS Art Club is FREE and asks only that its members bring a positive attitude and abide by the rules of the art classroom as well as those set forth by the administrators at Bluffton Middle School. Additional details can be found in the Student/Parent contract each member must have signed prior to joining. These contracts are available through Ms. Forman in Room A-120.