ST 1.1

ST 1.1 - The STEM school/program supports non-traditional student participation through outreach to groups often underrepresented in STEM program areas.

At Bluffton Middle School our goal is to mirror our current demographic percentages in all of our programs. Over the past two years, our demographic data has changed with a sharp increase in the number of Hispanic/Latino students.  With this rich diverse school community we make it a priority to meet all students' individual needs while ensuring an opportunity to engage in a rich STEM environment.


The Beaufort County School District’s school choice program allows students and their parents to select specialized academic approaches that are tailored to individual students’ talents and interests.

Project Lead the Way

Focusing on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts, students are offered a comprehensive program that embeds technology into all core and exploratory classes. Project Lead the Way (PLTW) (including Gateway) places an emphasis on curriculum that encourages hands-on engagement, problem solving and the use of technology for research, collaboration and project presentation. The middle school engineering program (Gateway) features a project-based curriculum and program that provides opportunities for students to design and test their ideas with advanced modeling software. Students study mechanical and computer control systems, robotics and animation, and explore the importance of how to reduce, conserve and produce energy.

BLMS Pamphlet
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School Choice Fair/ESOL Night

To help encourage students to attend Bluffton Middle School, we hold an annual School Choice Fair where students and their families are invited to come and explore all Bluffton Middle School has to offer. We have teachers from our VEX Robotics, band, strings, computer technology, and clubs present challenging hands-on opportunities for our attendees to experience each of these areas and engage in a preview of what they can expect when they attend Bluffton Middle School.

In conjunction with the School Choice Fair, we simultaneously hold our ESOL Night. This allows these families to share in the School Choice Fair and then go to an additional information session that would specifically meet their needs. In this session we are able to explain our programs in more details, bring in community partners that assist our ESOL community, and answer questions that would specifically address their needs.


Outreach Programs

To ensure we are reaching all of our students, especially those non-traditional in the STEM fields, we strive to offer a variety of outreach programs that are high interest and accessible to all. STEM-focused clubs at BLMS include VEX Robotics, chess club, Mustang TV, and JROTC.

Our after-school tutoring program is offered twice a week, and is supported by our Bluffton Middle School Special Education and  bilingual teachers, along with student bilingual tutors. The average attendance is 60 students per session, which includes all three grades, and represents an equitable cross-section of our demographic groups. As a result of the implementation of after-school tutoring our retention and summer school numbers have decreased significantly.