Mission Statement

BLMS Mission Statement

Bluffton Middle School, established in 2010, seeks to promote a tradition of academic excellence through exploration and discovery, technology awareness, and rigorous student­centered learning. Teachers, as facilitators, inspire intellectual curiosity in an environment where students develop the ability to think, be responsible, respectful, and honest to achieve their role as effective citizens in our global society.

 BLMS Vision

We envision the BLMS community working together to challenge every student to perform at an internationally competitive level in a learning environment that is safe, nurturing and engaging.

BLMS Core Beliefs

The vision and mission of Bluffton Middle School makes it imperative to implement the following objectives:

  1. To provide a safe environment.
  2. To provide academic excellence by incorporating research ­based effective practices and rigorous programs.
  3. Through high expectations, develop in each student the ability to think, be responsible, respectful, and honest in order to positively impact academic achievement.
  4. To encourage stewardship of the environment.
  5. To stimulate each student’s creativity and problem solving ability.
  6. To encourage students to respect the attitudes, values, and culture of others as well as their own.
  7. To provide students with experiences that promotes meaningful relationships, and the development of social problem ­solving skills.
  8. To develop a positive self ­image and self ­efficacy in students by providing them with individual acceptance, encouragement, and recognition when appropriate